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by Steve Laible on May 5, 2017

Pro Tip: Bring Designs to Life with Uvision 3D Landscape Creator Software

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Change is hard—and envisioning that change can be even harder. When it comes to landscape and hardscape projects, sometimes picturing the final result can be a challenge, and that makes it difficult to get on board with the plans and designs.

Landscapers and landscape architects use various methods to present their visions to clients. But one of the best methods we’ve seen for visualizing, designing, and presenting is the Unilock Uvision 3D Landscape Creator software

uvision 2d landscape design.jpgWhy Work with Landscape Design Software?

Wouldn’t it make everything so much easier if you could bring your designs to life before a single brick is laid? With the Unilock Uvision 3D Landscape Creator tool, you can do just that.

Often, we try to help customers envision what an element will look like by showing examples from other projects. This software is an ideal way to allow people to visualize how landscape designs will actually look in their yard. You can easily create outdoor patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, free standing walls, and other landscape and hardscape features.


Top 5 Most Useful Features of Uvison 3D Landscape Creator


 1. Ultra-Realistic DesignsUnilock_u3dlc_borders.jpg

  • Take advantage of over 200 high resolution colors and textures for pavers, driveways and walls
  • Easily add accents, banding, soldier courses, and borders
  • DirectX 11 technology creates realistic lighting, shadows, bloom, tone mapping, lens flare, automatic exposure, and dynamic range (HDR)
  • Add different types of clouds and custom-configured grass
  • Change the time of day to see how the design will look in various lighting conditions


2. Simple Grading Tool

  • Easily create slopes, grades and berms using the Grade Painter tool.
  • Raise, lower, smooth, flatten, and shape terrain
  • Use your mouse to “paint” elevations


3. Built-in Objects, Elements and Accessories

  • Incorporate pre-drawn Unilock elements
  • Includes outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, pillars, furniture, planters, playground equipment, pool accessories, arbors, trellises, and many more.


Unilock_u3dlc_importsketchup.jpg4. Google SketchUp and Oculus Rift Compatibility

  • Import models or objects that you have created from Google SketchUp
  • Connect to the Oculus Rift 3D virtual reality headset for a truly immersive experience


5. Professional and Effective Presentations


  • Uvision automatically creates 2D working drawings to scale with softscape and hardscape legends
  • Creates photo-realistic 3D ground-view presentations
  • For truly impressive presentations, Uvision includes a fly-through video presentation option that lets customers see a birds-eye view of the entire project


For the landscaper or landscape architect who wants to take their presentations to a whole new level, Unilock’s Uvision 3D Landscape Creator software is the right tool for the job!

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