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by Eric Mootz on June 9, 2016

5 Effective Portfolio Ideas for Landscape and Masonry Contractors

portfolio ideas for landscape and masonry contractors


In today’s competitive landscape and masonry industries, a strong portfolio is one of the most valuable tools that can help you attract more prospective customers and win more business. Being prepared with a professional-looking portfolio and additional resources will help you showcase your work and shorten your sales time.

Here are some tips for gathering the resources that will be most effective for helping customers visualize the creative possibilities while trusting your work.

1. Decide on your format

There are several options available today for creating a portfolio. The first option that many contractors are familiar with is a physical, printed portfolio created within a binder or folder.

Another compelling format is a digital portfolio or idea center. This could be part of your company’s website, or you could create it as a presentation or document to send to prospects.  A digital presentation is great because it allows you to easily incorporate images and other ideas from your vendors and partners. Which brings us to our next point…

2. Include photos of your previous work

Every good portfolio includes photos of your work. Don’t feel compelled to include pictures of every project you’ve ever completed; select the ones that illustrate your best work. The photos don’t necessarily have to be professional, but higher quality photos will have a greater impact. Customers typically like to see a before and after to truly get a visual of the work that was accomplished.

At Trowel Trades Supply, we provide materials for a diverse range of projects and jobs. When a job is completed, we obtain professional photos of the finished work. We use these images on our website as Featured Projects to showcase our capabilities, and our customers often take advantage of our professional quality photos to use in their own presentations.   

3. Gather testimonials 

Landscape and masonry contractors that do an exceptional job normally have reviews or letters of appreciation from satisfied customers. Consider including several of these in your portfolio or presentation as testimonials of your high quality work. Whether your customers are homeowners or other contractors, testimonials help build trust and confidence.

4. Consider bringing samples

If you are the one working with the customer to design the landscape/masonry project, in addition to visual representations of your previous work, consider bringing physical samples of the products you’ll be using. Trowel Trades Supply keeps many sample boards and product samples that can boost a presentation by helping the customer more accurately visualize the finished product.

5. Product catalogs are another option 

If it’s not possible to obtain physical samples of your materials, product catalogs are another viable option. Again, suppliers such as Trowel Trades Supply typically have many product catalogs available. We can also point you in the direction of great resources on manufacturers’ websites.  


Supplier partners such as Trowel Trades Supply have many resources to boost the appearance and effectiveness of your portfolios and presentations. Having a well-organized, robust portfolio helps your customers make faster decisions and allows you to showcase the great work you do. Take advantage of all of the resources available to you

If Trowel Trades Supply can help you with your portfolio or presentation with knowledge, expertise or resources, contact us today.

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