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by Steve Laible on July 2, 2018

Accent Any Landscape with Borcon Steel Edging



There are many elements that go into creating a beautiful landscape design, but one important piece that is often overlooked is edging. Edging provides definition and helps to maintain manageable landscape zones. The right edging creates a neater-looking landscape and helps you spend less time on yard maintenance.

If you’re looking for landscape edging that will add style and resist deterioration, Border Concepts Steel Edging is a great place to start.

Why Steel Edging?   

Border Concepts provides lasting landscape edging for lawns, gardens, and work sites in commercial and residential projects. Steel metal edging provides the ideal lawn edging or garden edging because of its strength, durability, and flexibility.  

borcon 2Borcon steel landscape edging is the perfect way to add a natural, rustic appearance to any project. Its unique metal composition gradually forms an attractive patina, creating a natural protective coating that increases the product life up to five times the life of normal steel edging. The natural patina forms as a dark brown oxidation color, creating a beautiful, warm, industrial appearance.  

The natural coating increases the ability of Borcon’s metal edging to resist corrosion from the elements such as fog, rain, snow, and ice, eliminating the need and expense of rust prevention maintenance and painting scratched-up areas.

Product Highlights

  • Perfect for tree gates, tree squares, tree rings, paver restraints, planters, planter bed supports, and, of course, edging
  • Made in the USA from 60% recycled steel—great for LEED projects
  • Stronger than aluminum or plastic; resists frost heave, ground movement, and withstands routine landscape maintenance
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Custom shapes and sizes available


To learn more about Borcon’s steel edging products or for help choosing the perfect steel edging for landscaping, contact Trowel Trades Supply today.

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