by Gene Pawlikowski on May 19, 2017

Introducing Agrob Buchtal Extruded Ceramic Facades



Trowel Trades Supply is excited to announce our partnership with Agrob Buchtal, the finest manufacturer of lightweight, extruded ceramic, terra cotta panel systems in the world. With attractive designs, simple installation techniques, and tested durability, ceramic facades from Agrob Buchtal have a world-wide reputation in contemporary architecture.

Besides the stunning visual appeal of glazed and unglazed ceramic panels, Agrob Buchtal’s commitment to ASTM and seismic testing assures uncompromising safety.


Agrob Buchtal KeraTwin®:

  • Engineered simplicity of the 20mm KeraTwin anchoring system on Omega profile has saved up to 30% installation time on hundreds of successful projects over several decades’ history of use.
  • Once the vertical Omega support rails are installed, there are no tools or parts required to install the KeraTwin ceramic panels.
  • The installer needs only two hands to snap in each ceramic panel securely onto the Omega bracket, resulting in fast, efficient installation onto an engineered support bracket that has survived the harshest seismic test protocol.



Agrob Buchtal KerAion:

  • KerAion panels are low weight and simple fastening technique
  • Alternatives to the typical board format siding panels.
  • In addition to rectangular shapes, square sizes are available in large sizes up to 48″x48″.
  • High degree of creative freedom is ensured by the SpectraView and Designed Glazed color range, nine color families matched to each other, developed by renowned color designer, Peter Zoernack.
  • Can be installed both with visible and invisible fastening
  • KerAion Quadro with a weight per unit of 3.8 psf and thickness of 5/16″.
  • All KerAion panels receive Agrob Buchtal’s HT photocatalytic coating, fired on at 2000°F, which permanently assures self-washing and pollutant degradation effects.


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