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by Steve Laible on May 17, 2018

Product Spotlight: Arbortech Allsaw AS170 for Safely & Efficiently Cutting Masonry Materials

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Taking bricks out of a wall can be a messy job.  A commonly used tool for such a task is the diamond blade on an angle grinder, which is used on many materials such as brick, stone, and concrete.

A diamond blade on an angle grinder can create quite a mess when cutting brick or block out of a wall. This is more than just a matter of time-consuming cleanup; dust from the mortar becomes airborne quickly and can create a foggy haze in the area.  This airborne dust is a health hazard—anyone exposed to it is at risk for silicosis (a disabling and potentially fatal lung disease).

Luckily, there is a tool that makes cutting masonry materials cleaner, safer, faster, and better.

Introducing the Arbortech Allsaw AS170

as170 3The AS170 is a completely dry cutting tool that does not use any water.  The AS170 does not spin like a diamond blade on an angle grinder. It has a unique orbital cutting motion, which utilizes 2 blades simultaneously (one back and one forth). This unique patented orbital cutting technology results in larger particles that fall to the ground (like pouring sand out of a bag) instead of becoming airborne dust.

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The AS170 makes it possible to cut brick out of a wall, even indoors, with very little cleanup.  Another benefit of the AS170’s unique orbital cutting action is that there is very little kickback, allowing for a safer and a much more accurate cut than a diamond blade on an angle grinder. 

Fast facts: Features and Benefits

  • A 13 amp, 1250-watt motor
  • Specially designed handle that reduces vibrations
  • Rubber soft grip that makes it easy to hold for long stretches of time
  • Built-in dust clearing centrifuge
  • Vacuum connection that can collect dust while cutting
  • Automatic cut-off brushes that prevent motor damage
  • Synchronous slip resistant belt
  • 1 year limited warranty


Included with the AS170

  • Extra-large heavy duty black nylon bag
  • 3 sets of tungsten blades, including a set of General Purpose blades (for cutting larger joints, like those between concrete block)
  • Set of plunge blades (for removing bricks)
  • Set of head-joint blades (for tuck pointing)


Perfect for a Wide Range of Applications

  • Toothing brick work
  • Cutting out doorways
  • Restoration work
  • Cement block cutting
  • Chasing in electrical conduits or plumbing pipe
  • Cutting out for recessed wall lights
  • Installing lintels
  • Many more


Make precise, clean, square cut outs without over cutting, faster and in a safer manner, with the Arbortech AS170.


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