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by Steve Laible on December 3, 2016

Bison Pedestals: Simplifying Outdoor Deck Environments

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Outdoor seating areas, patios, and decks are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, businesses, as well as health care and government facilities.  Many businesses are turning their flat roofs into outdoor seating areas for customers and employees.  Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are also making better use of their outdoor surroundings by turning them into space for additional seating and socializing. 

But often these transformations can be an enormous endeavor. 

Luckily, Bison Pedestals are a practical and convenient solution for creating an inviting outdoor environment.  Bison Pedestals have made it easy to install patios and decks directly over old cracked concrete slabs, flat roofs, unused alleys, unused parking areas, and much more.

  • Bison pedestals have a number of products to turn most any outdoor eyesore into an attractive and valuable asset.
  • Install wood decking tiles, plank decking, concrete pavers, and even natural stone pavers with ease and simplicity by using the screw to adjust height setting feature.
  • Spacer tabs allow for consistent drainage and precision layouts.
  • Impervious to water, mold, and freeze thaw cycles make Bison Pedestals a great option for most any climate.
  • Made in the USA from 20% recycled materials


Bison Pedestal Products


Bison Veradjust.jpgBison’s Veradjust is a line of industrial grade pedestals that offer heights of 2-1/4 inches to 36 inches (heights of 1/8 to 2-1/4 inches with accessories), 1,250 pounds of weight capacity per pedestal (with a Factor of Safety of 3), and a 0 – ½ inch built in slope compensation feature (and                                                   accessories for stepper slopes).

bison levelit.jpgBison’s Level.It is a line of residential grade pedestals that offer heights of 2 inches to 12 inches (heights of 1/8 to 2 inches with accessories), 750 pounds of weight capacity per pedestal (with a Factor of Safety of 2), accessories                                                for slopes, and is a great option for the do-it-                                                        yourselfer or contractor.

bison screwjack.jpgBison’s Screwjack is a line of commercial grade pedestals that offers heights of 1-1/4 inches to 16 inches (heights of 1/8 to 1-1/4 inches with accessories), 1,000 pounds of weight capacity per pedestal (with a Factor of Safety of 2), and have a broad foot print which is meant for heavy pavers.


If you have unused outdoor space, your business or facility has greater potential. Transforming outdoor areas into attractive usable space has never been easier.  Contact Trowel Trades Supply for a quote or to just get an idea of what options exist for your upgrade.

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