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by Steve Laible on November 17, 2017

Meet Vermont Stonemason Thea Alvin



Just Google her name and click the image tab. The photos speak for themselves!

Thea Alvin is an internationally acclaimed stonemason and sculptor living in Vermont. She is known for her artistic and whimsical archways, walls, and walkways, but has completed a wide variety of creative projects. Thea has been featured in publications from “O” (The Oprah Magazine) to the New York Times.  

We at Trowel Trades Supply feel lucky to know this talented lady, because she is a regular customer of ours! We wanted to thank Thea for all her business and share with our community a glimpse into her world.

Here are 6 fun facts about Thea and her work:

1. Thea owns more than fifty hammers, each of which she has painted pink so other masons don’t mistake them for their own tools (a common occurrence on jobsites).

2. Her hammers also have names, like Bam Bam, Garfield (which is short and fat), and the Convincer.

3. She charges an hourly rate that is the same as her age. This allows her to give herself a raise every year on her birthday.

4. She loves to conduct workshops at local schools and universities. Thea does not believe in safeguarding her trade secrets, rather she enjoys sharing the tips and tricks of her talents with anyone interested.

5. She is sometimes willing to barter goods and services in exchange for her work.

6. Her talents have taken her around the country and world. She has done projects in North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, Wyoming, Mexico, Canada, St. Croix, Belgium, Italy, France, Portugal, Iceland and China.


Thank you, Thea, for sharing your talents with the world! We are proud to have you in Vermont.  

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