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by Steve Laible on November 7, 2018

Product Spotlight: PermEdge Permeable Paver Edge Restraint for an Affordable Hardscape Solution



Permeable pavers are an increasingly popular hardscape solution. In the past, concrete curbs were the go-to answer for permeable paver edging, but installing a concrete curb in residential and light commercial areas has its drawbacks. For one, the cost is high. For another, it doesn’t allow for the most attractive appearance.

Luckily, there is a new, innovative solution for spikeless permeable paver edge restraint that is affordable, requires no field assembly, and is easy to install.

Photo-2-PermEdge-InstalledPermEdge Permeable Paver Edge Restraint is a proven solution for residential and light commercial applications. For those familiar with SnapEdge, this product carries all of the same fantastic features, with the addition of a roll of permanently attached geogrid. The geogrid extends out from the edging and lies on top of the stone chip setting bed. The pavers are placed on top of the geogrid to hold the edging in place.    

Product Highlights

  • Spikeless PICP edge restraint
  • Strong buttress reinforced edging product that can be used for straight edges, or just snap off the interlocking connectors for curved edges.
  • Open base allows grass to grow along the edge, eventually covering the edge restraint so it becomes invisible.
  • The roll of geogrid extends 4 feet from the edging restraint and is rolled out over the top of the stone chip setting bed.
  • Made of 100% recycled materials.


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