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by Steve Laible on May 8, 2019

Product Spotlight: G2 Polymeric Sand for Easy and Clean Installation



Gator Alliance’s new G2™ Flexlock polymeric sand is the easiest, cleanest, and fastest polymeric sand to install in the industry. 

Why is the G2 polymeric sand so much better than its predecessor?

First let’s look at what polymeric sands actually are. Polymeric sands are sands that are mixed with polymers, and when activated with water they become hard, yet still flexible, which is ideal for sands that fill the joints between pavers. The hardened sand will keep grass and ant hills from forming between the pavers.

Typical polymers vary in size and composition which can create a challenge when trying to sweep all the polymeric sand off the paver surface and into the joints. Gator Alliance has altered the polymer particles at the molecular level to create this second generation of polymeric sand, the G2.

When these sophisticated polymers are combined with specially-calibrated sands, the result is a more stable polymeric sand that has a number of other benefits:

  • The dust is minimized because all the fine particles are combined to create larger and more uniform granules.
  • The new translucent properties of the polymers eliminates the hazing effect that is so common with other polymeric sands.
  • Since the G2 particles are larger and more uniform, the installation is simplified because sweeping removes all the particles from the surface of the pavers, eliminating the need to use a blower.
  • Due to the uniform composition of the formula, water is now able to penetrate deeper through the sand, activating all the polymers evenly which creates a more consistent and stronger bond in just one watering.


No dust, haze free, no blower, and just one watering, G2 is the easiest, cleanest, and fastest polymeric sand to install in the industry.

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