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by Steve Laible on March 9, 2018

Product Innovations Make it Simple to Seal Damp Pavers



Any landscaper understands how frustrating it can be to wait until pavers have dried before sealing them. Of course you want to thoroughly rinse any dust and dirt off the pavers before sealing them. Unfortunately, this means you either need to wait around for the pavers to dry, or leave the jobsite and come back later, both of which are time-consuming.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait around any more! Many companies today are creating innovative sealing products that can be applied to damp pavers, making it simpler and faster to finish the job.  

Gator Alliance,  a leading manufacturer of landscaping supplies, has created entire line of sealers that can be applied to damp pavers. The Gator Hybrid line of sealers is a true time saver. These sealers can be applied to pavers that are still damp, eliminating the need to wait for pavers to dry.

Gator Hybrid Line   

Zero Gloss

zero gloss.png

Low Gloss

low gloss.png

Low Gloss with Color Enhancement

low gloss + color enhancer.png

High Gloss

high gloss.png

High Gloss with Color Enhancement

high gloss + color enhancer.png

In addition to the products above, The Gator Alliance Wet Cast Signature Series sealer without the Color Enhancement and the Gator Alliance Natural Look Signature Series sealer without the Color Enhancement can also be applied to pavers when they are still damp.

Don’t waste another minute waiting for pavers to dry before sealing them! Gator Hybrid products make it fast and simple to finish your hardscaping job while delivering beautiful results.


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