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by Steve Laible on July 9, 2019

Structural Reliability and Endless Design: Unilock U-Cara Wall System



Unilock has done it again, pushing the envelope with their incredibly brilliant and ground-breaking U-Cara Wall System!

The patented U-Cara Wall System is a multi-face wall system with enormous design opportunities.  Homeowners, architects, and contractors alike have an array of various colors, textures, and patterns to create a beautiful wall.

The U-Cara Wall can be used to create practically any type of landscape feature, such as free-standing walls, seat walls, steps, fire pits, grill islands, pillars, raise planter/garden bed walls, raised patios, and even gravity and retaining walls.  The U-Cara Wall System is made of lightweight components that are easy to handle, easy to install, and is an easy system to learn.

The U-Cara wall consist of four basic components:

  • First, the Universal Base Unit, which keeps the U-Cara Wall level, is placed on a gravel base in a trench that the wall is to be built on.
  • Next, the Sure Track™ backer blocks, which are the basic building blocks and structure of the wall, are placed on the Universal Base Units. The Sure Track™ backer blocks form the dimensionally accurate wall structure.
  • The third component is the U-Cara fascia panels which slide onto and hang off of the Sure Track™ backer blocks. Any combination of color, texture, or style can be attached to the backer blocks, allowing for endless design options, including one side of the wall being a completely different color, texture and/or pattern than the other side.
  • Last, the Universal Coping pieces are placed on the top of the wall as a wall cap.


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