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by Steve Laible on April 28, 2017

Tools of the Trade: iQ360® Dust Control Table Saw



Dust is a problem that’s known all too well among masons. It makes a mess, it costs companies money, and it’s a health and safety threat. If cutting masonry materials is a big part of your job, then you may be surprised at the amount of time and money you waste simply by dealing with the resulting dust.

Think about it: Having to clean up the job site, whether it’s inside or outside, can often seem like a waste of time and money. If you try to avoid that problem by cutting material away from the job site, you end up wasting more time by having employees haul material or go outside every time they need to make a cut.

We’re putting the spotlight on a tool that solves all of those common problems and more: the iQ360® Dust Control Table Saw


What is the iQ360® Dust Control Table Saw?  

The iQ260® was developed by a couple of third generation masons who realized that the dust issues they were experiencing were affecting all contractors. They developed dustless power tools in order to solve common industry problems and protect the health and safety of workers who deal with these materials every day (read more on the dangers of silica dust exposure below).

The dust control table saw is a remarkable tool that has been tested to capture up to 99.5% of the dust that results from cutting masonry materials—and it works with no water.

Here’s how it works:

  • A powerful vacuum system sucks in the dust as you make your cut.
  • The dust is captured via a cartridge filter.
  • The dust is contained in a lower tub, which can be removed and discarded safety when full.


When we talk about “dust” as a byproduct of cutting masonry materials, what we’re really referring to is silica dust. Controlling silica dust is much more than simply a matter of cleanliness. It’s also an important way to protect the health of workers. Here’s why: 


The Dangers of Silica Exposure


Inhaling respirable crystalline silica, or silica dust, over a period of time can cause silicosis, which is an incurable, irreversible, and life-threatening lung disease. The health effects of silica inhalation include shortness of breath, chest pains, fatigue sever cough, and even chronic pulmonary disease.

OSHA developed a permissible exposure limit, or PEL, for silica on the jobsite. For information on the OSHA standards, acceptable silica exposure levels, and the math and science behind silica prevention, click here for iQ Power Tools’ Informational Page. 

Silicosis is completely avoidable if proper cautions are taken.  Unfortunately, simply wearing a dust mask isn’t the most effective safeguard.  For true protection, integrated dust collection is needed—that’s where the iQ360® comes into play.


Quick Facts: Features and Benefits

  • Cuts brick, stone, pavers, and tile
  • Captures 99.5% of dust
  • 100% dry cutting
  • First 14-inch masonry dry saw with dust collection on a singular power source
  • Compact and lightweight, making it easy transport and move around the job site
  • OSHA compliant in all 50 states
  • Accessories include several blades and a rolling table to help guide cuts
  • Saves time: cut right where you work, even indoors


iQ Power Tools also offers the iQPC912®, which is a handheld dry cut power cutter that captures up to 90% of the dust from cutting masonry material.  For commercial or industrial applications, iQ Power Tools offers the iQ1000 and iQ2000 saws. 


Safety and Convenience Goes Beyond Dust Containment


Of course, the safety hazards and inconveniences of the masonry and construction trades go far beyond silica dust. iQ Power Tools is working to make the industry safer in more ways than one. Another accessory that accomplishes this is the iQSmartCart™, a heavy duty cart for quick and easy mobility.

What makes this cart stand out are its 2 levels. When the worker is standing and making cuts, he can place the iQ360® on the top level. When he’s working on his knees, the saw can be placed on the bottom level and the cart can be rolled along, meaning the worker never has to stand up as he works. Not only is this time-saving and convenient, but it puts a lot less strain on the body!


Clearly, some of the most frustrating challenges in the masonry and construction industries have already been solved!. iQ Power Tools is developing innovative products that save time and money while protecting the health and safety of employees. To learn more about which dust control product is right for your needs, contact Trowel Trades Supply.  

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