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by Steve Laible on November 5, 2019

Why natural stone veneer is replacing manufactured veneer in New England

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It's official, we're no longer planning to stock cultured/manufactured thin stone veneer products as soon as we finish selling our current stock. 

The reason? In the last few years, changes in the market for natural thin stone veneer product mean we can now provide natural stone for the same low prices that the manufactured product sells at. That makes the manufactured product less relevant to most of our customers.

However, when we finish selling our current stock we will still have sample boards of cultured/manufactured stone available and will be able to order it for customers. 

What is natural thin stone veneer 

Thin stone veneers are decorative pieces of rockwork than can boost curb appeal of homes by improving the appearance of front entrances, gable ends, chimneys, and even foundations. Veneers are also a gorgeous aesthetic feature on fireplaces.

Natural stone veneer is  made of actual rocks, while manufactured/cultured veneers are made of concrete and other materials made to look like natural rock.

Natural thin stone veneer takes off in New England 

As the thin stone veneer markets continue to grow in popularity, there have been a number of natural thin stone veneer companies that have been expanding their product lines. As a result of this increased production and demand, the price of natural thin stone veneer has dropped to the point where the price is comparable with manufactured thin stone veneer products. 

Traditionally, here in Vermont natural thin stone veneer products typically would be priced in the $18 to $23 per square foot range. Cultured/manufactured thin products came in cheaper, in the $13 to $16 range. Today, there are a number of natural thin stone veneer companies which offer their products in the $12 to $18 range.

We have stocked high quality cultured/manufactured thin stone veneers here at Trowel Trades Supply for decades, however as a result of these new natural thin stone veneer prices we have found it very difficult to sell high quality cultured/manufactured thin stone veneers when our customers can get a natural thin stone veneer for a similar price. Recently a thin stone veneer sales representative told me that he is witnessing a similar phenomenon occur in the Boston area.

Our natural thin stone veneer favorites 

Our favorite line of natural thin stone veneer is Thompson Stone.  Thompson Stone products are natural thin stone veneer products that are indigenous to the New England region.  They are acquired from New England fields, mountains, woodlands, and quarries.  Thompson Stone makes a number of blended thin stone veneer products with an array of colors, shapes, and sizes that have been very popular.  The ones that we stock here at Trowel Trades Supply are their Mystic, Brooklawn Blend, Country Fieldstone, and Old New England products in the Ledge and Strip cuts.  We also stock Thompson Stone’s PA Fieldstone in the Ledge and Mosaic cuts.  For more information contact us here at Trowel Trades Supply.


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